This project was researched, recorded and compiled at the studios of the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. They offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in Sound Recording Technology, as well as degree programs in Music Business, Music Education, Electrical Engineering, and numerous other fields.

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Penelope Morel (Female Voiceover Artist)

Penelope Morel has done extensive English and Spanish language voiceover work, in addition to working actively as an actress in theater, film and television. She can be contacted at morelpenelope@hotmail.com.

Bob Kuhn (Male Voiceover Artist)

A deep voice, steeped in culture and experience. Resonant, persuasive delivery that blends a touch of British class with distinctive Australian directness. Crisp, confident, and convincing - with wit and whimsy on command. Whatever the medium - from narrative to commercial - your words come across with meaning intact and impact assured. Read more about Bob's work at http://bkvoice.com/.

Jana Deren (Female Vocalist)

Jana Deren is a recent University of Massachusetts Lowell graduate with a B.A. in English. In addition to her own career as a musician, she is committed to education and outreach in the community. She is a member of the music department staff at Shepherd Hill Regional High School in Dudley,Massachusetts as Assistant Director of Illusion, Shepherd Hill’s 46-member girl’s show choir, and the Shepherd Hill Color Guard. She also choreographs for the show choirs at Southbridge High School and Barlett Junior High School in Southbridge and Webster, Massachusetts, respectively. Jana has participated as a vocalist for the UMass Lowell Summer Symphonic Band Camp’s house band, in order to demonstrate the inner workings of a recording studio to high school students attending the camp. Currently, she can be found performing with Not My Day Job, an a cappella group comprised of show choir choral directors and choreographers from schools in central Massachusetts. She can be contacted at jderen@gmail.com.

Steve Aliperta (Male Vocalist)

Steve sings and plays drums for Life on Hold. Since February 2007, Life on Hold has caught the ear of kids and bookers alike with their catchy multi-genre influenced sound and signature layered harmonies. Fusing pop melodies with straight-up aggressive music, this female-fronted band knows how to impress with their dead-on live performances. Having now played with a slew of national acts including We The Kings, Rookie of the Year and Permanent Me, Life on Hold is looking to spread their sound on a national basis. Be sure to check out their upcoming acoustic/folk record, The Outsider EP and visit them online.

Bradford Swanson (Engineer and Researcher)

Brad is a versatile musician with credits across numerous genres and disciplines. Brad has done substantial work as an engineer and producer specializing in jazz, classical, and acoustic projects. Visit his discography and performance portfolio here.

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Bradford Swanson
Nick Foudi
Matt Wall

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Jamie Tagg
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Professor Alexander U. Case

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Dr. William Moylan, Dr. Alex Ruthmann, Dr. Alan Williams, Dr. John Shirley, Professors William Carman and Paul Angelli, Jeremy Houle, Michael Gates, Jason York, Gergana Antova, UMass Lowell Media Services